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Version 4.4.0
Updated February 23, 2023 (1 month ago)
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Zooba Mod Apk

Zooba 4.4.0 Mod Apk Unlimited sprint skills Android Latest Version Free Download For Android. Update Games From Our Exclusive Server.

Zooba (short for Zoo Battle Arena) is a defining moment for current games today. With the ideal mix of MOBA and endurance classification, Zooba brings you into a thrilling creature world with endurance fights to discover who is the King of the zoo.


Many consider Zooba the zoo adaptation of PUBG Mobile. Since in the game, you can pick a ton of characters. They are altogether entertaining creatures that you regularly find in the zoo or in creature world TV series. Each character has its own shortcomings and qualities. In the principal fight, there are 1 of every 3 creatures accessible for you to browse. This number will increment. You can pick as per your inclinations and strategies. For instance, Bruce is the amazing gorilla, Larry chameleon with hostile sneaking ability…

Zooba Unlimited sprint skills Android

At the point when you arrive at a more significant level and procure more gold, you can open more characters. In this way, from the beginning, you should simply dominate the force of the accessible characters and figure out how to battle on the front line. Picking the right playing style for each match will assist you with dominating the combat zone. Become a genuine lord of the wilderness. The Ghost – Co-op Survival Mod Apk is a wonderful game.

Zoo Battle Arena

Fights in are savage fields very much like PUBG or Fornite. In any case, you and 19 different players are arranged into PvP matches with no weapons. Straightaway inquiry wherever to track down weapons and new abilities. You can get up to 3 weapons alongside 1 fundamental expertise accessible to be prepared to confront adversaries. Furthermore, as MOBA games, those abilities will have cooldown time, expecting you to utilize them deftly.


As well as utilizing the ability capably, note that the foe can be anyplace and rout you in the event that you lose your watchman. So in each match, you must have a high focus. What’s more, one thing that is clear in any endurance game is, it is a protected zone, which will make you pass on leisurely if you don’t enter the security zone on schedule.

Zooba Mod Apk Unlimited sprint skills Android

Zooba Mod Apk Unlimited sprint skills Android

Accordingly, observing a spot in a protected zone makes it workable for you to be protected in the last adjusts and towards the first position. Truth be told, the chance of enduring relies upon your abilities and a touch of karma. You might enjoy the benefit of being in a space with numerous weapons and scarcely any adversaries.

Gather things

In each fight, there are numerous weapons and things dispersed in the war zone. In case you’re fortunate, you will before long track down great hardware. Weapons are a vital component in choosing triumph in an up-close and personal fight. Thus, with great gear, you can hold over half of the triumph.

Zooba 4.4.0 Mod Apk

If you think that it is hard to gather hardware, solid counsel for you is that, go kill adversaries. Since, each time you rout an adversary, you will get plunder from them as an “accolade”. Furthermore, more explicitly, at a specific time, there are Air Drops that seem to contain the most exceptional hardware. This is the spot that draws in most players and accidentally hauls them into savage scrambles. Accordingly, don’t be excessively aware of things when you have sufficient gear if you would rather not pass on in startling battles.

PvP field

As well as battling with numerous players in savage endurance fights, you can play with your companions for the sake of entertainment PvP fights. The game has two modes Solo and Duo. In Duo Mode, you can play with companions, endure together in savage fights. Win and lift your rankings on the worldwide rankings.

Zooba Play with Friend

Zooba has eye-getting 3D illustrations with an assortment of foundations and vivid plans, for example, volcanoes, deserts, or ice ages… The different climate helps you not be exhausted. All the more explicitly, the characters are molded charming, however no less cool, other than the uncommon ability impacts for each character. That makes you would rather not overlook any characters.

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