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Truecaller Mod APK


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Version 12.46.6
Updated September 19, 2022 (7 days ago)
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Truecaller Mod APK

Truecaller 12.46.6 Mod APK Premium Unlocked is available for download with all features enabled. You can now use Truecaller Mod Apk to check who viewed your profile and much more without having to purchase a Gold or Professional membership.

Truecaller Mod APK

Truecaller Mod APK

It doesn’t matter if you have a Windows, iPhone, Android phone, or some other feature phone. The main feature of all these phones is to make phone calls. Mobile was first developed on April 3, 1973, by American engineer Martin Cooper because it connects one person to another. But now some people are using it.

Today I share the TrueCaller Premium Mod Apk, where you can get all features of Premium Gold members for free.
People have started to deceive others through fake calls and messages. It cannot be identified. That said, there are a lot of calls and advertisements that we get and that annoy us. This makes working during the day difficult.

Premium Gold

People use the DND (Do Not Disturb) service to avoid unwanted calls and messages. But even then, you still get a lot of messages and calls. That ruins the whole mind. Is the same thing happening to you? If the answer is yes, don’t worry. Because today we have brought you a program that will save you from all these random calls and will be very important to you.

The name of this program is Truecaller Premium APK. Many of you are familiar with this program. But let me tell you that this software is not similar to Truecaller APK software. This is the best version of the Truecaller APK that you can download for free from DivyaNet. So let’s move on without delay.

Truecaller Mod APK Premium Unlocked

Before using Truecaller Premium Mod APK, it is important to know what Truecaller is. Because if you know Truecaller MOD APK completely, you can only make good use of it. If you are not familiar with Truecaller Mod APK, don’t worry because in this post we provide you a direct link to download Truecaller APK and we also provide complete information about this program Truecaller Premium Gold MOD APK.

We also provide comprehensive information on how to create a TrueCaller Gold ID and its features. Folks, I think this post is going to be absolutely fantastic, so make sure you don’t miss it and read it from start to finish.

What is the TrueCaller Premium APK?

Let me briefly give you the complete information about the TrueCaller APK, but let me tell you that on July 1st, 2009, True Software Scandinavia AB created a program to detect spam calls. His name was a soothsayer. Guys, Truecaller was created by developers Alan Mamedi and Nami Zarringhalam.

Truecaller offers more features than spam detection. It also has features like caller ID, call restriction, flash messages, call recording, chat and voice, and more. One of the most striking features of Truecaller is the powerful calling software, smart messaging app, UPI payments, and cost increase (India only) as it has been well received by users.

Truecaller works smoothly on all smartphones such as Android, Symbian, Tizen, BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, etc. So you don’t have to worry about what your phone is and whether the app works or not. With 200 million active users, Truecaller is the best call and spam blocker in the world.

The program has installed more than 500 million to date. To date, its popularity is not difficult to guess. Folks, this was the information about the Truecaller APK, but now we bring you information about the Truecaller Premium APK and the Truecaller Gold APK. So you know how useful the paid version is.

Block caller ID, spam calls, and messages

Which you can download for free. Here is the latest information on Trucaller. By the way, we have also shared information about the previous version of Truecaller to make it easier to understand. TrueCaller Premium APK
in Truecaller, you can block caller ID, spam calls, and messages.

Talk about the Truecaller Hack APK, then you can use Caller ID, Spam Blocker with many other features like call recording, Incognito mode, and ad-free ETC Premium badges. Simply put, Truecaller Mod APK is a modified version of Truecaller which was created by some developers by breaking the original APK so that users can get and use the premium version of Truecaller for free.

Price of the Truecaller Premium APK

Friends No Doubt Truecaller is a very useful program. But buying a Truecaller subscription on a monthly basis is not a good idea. If a one-time purchase is possible, I recommend it. Truecaller Premium subscriptions must be purchased for $ 2.99 per month and $ 14.99 per month for six months.

And yes, you also pay once, but only for the annual packages. What is dear to me. In case anyone else wants to buy it. You can purchase Truecaller Premium with a credit card (credit card is not supported), your cellular plan (confirmed by your mobile operator), PayPal, and Google Play gift cards.

Truecaller 12.46.6 Mod APK Premium Unlocked

Well, we won’t talk about the price of the Truecaller Premium subscription anymore, as we offer you the Truecaller Pro APK for free.

Features of TrueCaller Premium Mod APK

It is very important to talk about the features of the Truecaller Premium APK. Because features are the reason to download Truckaller Pro APK. The features of Truecaller Premium APK Free are very advanced compared to Truecaller, so please read it carefully. Caller ID and spam blocker

Block spam

Caller ID and spam blocker are the main features of Truecaller and these features are also available in the free version, so we won’t talk much about them. But I want to explain. The user can block unnecessary calls and annoying messages. Caller ID shows the name of the person calling you. Without advertising

If you’ve ever used the free version of Truecaller. It should be noted that Truecaller itself, in some cases, annoys its user by displaying unnecessary and repetitive advertisements. But when you download the Truecaller Premium APK. You will never see this problem again. Who saw my profile? Who saw my profile?

If you have Truecaller Premium Mod APK, this program will help you keep track of the person who verified your profile. This is a very cool feature of Truecaller that everyone will need sooner or later. Superior insignia
This feature is used to make a good impression on the other person.

The person you are calling. When you call someone and your phone has the Truecaller Pro APK, it will show your Premium name on the caller’s screen which sounds very cool.

Hidden mode

With the help of the Trucaller Premium APK, you can see the person who viewed your profile. Likewise, he can also see the personal profile and he doesn’t even know it. To do this, you need to use the incognito mode, which is only available in this decrypted version. Isn’t that a great feature? If so, download the Truecaller Premium APK now.

accept a call

Today all phones have the ability to record internal calls, but today many people are old phones and use the truecaller call recording program. If you are one of them, now uninstall this call recording app and the original Trucaller APK. And install the APK Trucaller Premium Pro. Because with the help of this program you can also record calls.

Other contact requests

With this feature, you can send the highest 30 requests per month. And put them on your friends who guess. All these are features of the Truecaller Premium APK. I hope these features have fascinated you. Well, the features of Truecaller Gold APK start where the features of Truecaller Premium end.

Now we will provide you with information about the Truecaller Premium Gold APK, subscription, and its features. And you will love them too.

Truecaller Gold Premium Membership

The shiny golden caller ID surface, golden touchscreen, and golden detail display are an important part of the Truecaller Premium Gold subscription. Most people use the premium and free versions of Truecaller. Few people buy a Truecaller Premium Gold subscription. So, if you want to differentiate your profile from other Truecaller users, Truecaller Gold is for you.

Gold functionality

Truecaller Gold has almost all the features of the Truecaller Premium Hack APK, but it has added some features like premium support, golden caller ID, and more that make it better than the premium one. What’s new in Trucaller for Android?

Caller ID in full-screen mode
Real party X. Real vocal party HD. Group chat
Add emoji reply to chat messages
New blocking options
Ban abroad
You can block numbers that are not in the phonebook
Block big spammers (main function)
Avoid deceiving the neighbors

Download and install Truecaller 12.46.6 Mod APK

So far, all posts published on DivyaNet are available for download in the Modded and Cracked app. Where we talk about how to download and install the best-pirated programs for free. Also, this post will tell you how to install Truecaller MOD APK for Android. So all you need to do is follow the simple steps.

Step 1: Click on the download link: To download this Truecaller Premium app on your phone, you need to click on the download button we provide.

Step 2: Visit the download page – Clicking the button will take you to the download page. There you will find a direct download link for the Truecaller 12.46.6 Mod Apk.

Store Truecaller APK – The download will start and finish in a few moments. (Download time depends on internet speed)

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