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Updated February 8, 2023 (1 month ago)
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The Alchemist Code (MOD High Damage) is the incomparable pretending system game from the Japanese distributor Gemi. Gumi is likewise referred to in the world as the engineer of Taking on Frontier, a game that has hit the TOP 1 in the portable games market. What’s more, as of late, Gumi has helped The Alchemist Code officially get twisted on players and had innumerable downloads on Google Plays and Apps Store. With the natural turn-based battle style of the S-RPG establishment business, on the off chance that you’ve played Terminate Symbol by Nintendo or Settle Enix’s Final Fantasy Tactics, cause-specific the game will be unimaginably irresistible.

As fast as you enter this game, you’ll in a flash be caught up in an energetic Anime world worked on the lovely 3D illustrations of cherry sprout country. Notwithstanding, the data of the game is diminished to help the arrangement of very extraordinary can encounter the game as productively as doable. Profoundly, the game is pleasurable, cute to help players feel The Alchemist Code is something exceptionally natural.

Ongoing interaction

Obviously, designs are essentially one variable adding to the achievement of The Alchemist Code. This game has an interesting turn-based battle style. Roused by the Japanese portable game for which The Alchemist Code, this game will go on you on an outing loaded up with jogging characters Logi and Dias. This game has a framework that outlines players simultaneously. Set up a group of 5 characters, 3 soldiers of fortune characters, and 2 supporting characters. Coordinate the enchanted power in the middle of the characters that you own to drive the whole group to turn into the headiest.

Notwithstanding the recognizable story fight ongoing interaction, the game likewise makes some genuine memories PvP battle mode.


Examining saints, this game has more noteworthy than 50 characters. Every character has a different power, insights, properties, garments, and gear to help players customize their group. Every way joined to help you produce a different power and strategic fight to help you vanquish the supervisor as quick as doable. With battle style, strategies change base, guides of The Alchemist Code is parted directly into numerous cells. The target of the gamer is to move, approach and battle the rival through these cells.

Redesign your things, same difference either way.

Redesign your gear, increment your person’s most extreme degree to enhance the force of crushing every one of the rivals in your manner. Utilize insightful strategies to dominate the match in the face of in the substance of troublesome contenders, vanquish the rankings in the rankings. Especially, The Alchemist Code upholds a 4-player community mode, with one another to refix the difficult difficulties that the game gives you. Join with and complete the regular positions and the Occasions task to get the strange thing of gear.

The ongoing interaction is very basic, bringing the custom of the S-RPG series. Furthermore, the game’s UI and systems additionally make it simple for players to get a handle on. Especially, this game likewise has an Auto mode. Just work, The Alchemist Code promptly without stress upset in the middle, so incredible it doesn’t?

Illustrations and sound

In this form of the game, Gumi chose to play “all hands” directly into the music arrangement of The Alchemist Code. This has added extraordinarily to the accomplishment of a progression of hit Japanese games like Kingdom Hearts, Final Fantasy XV – Composer Yoko Shimomura will straight make up and be accountable for mixing the whole audio effects music in the game. Along with him, there’s likewise an entertainer of notable Japanese performers that have explained their voices. All created an exceptionally game that you were unable to pass up.


Assuming you need to appearance for an engaging technique pretending game, you ought to attempt The Alchemist Code. This game is accessible on the two iOS and Android frameworks for nothing.

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