Random Dice: PvP Defense Mod Apk

Random Dice: PvP Defense Mod Apk


Download Random Dice: PvP Defense Mod Apk APK for Android - Free - Latest Version

Latest Version

Version 7.9.3
Updated February 21, 2023 (4 weeks ago)
ID com.percent.royaldice
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Random Dice: PvP Defense Mod Apk

Random Dice: PvP Defense Mod Apk Unlimited Gems, Money, Mod Menu 2021-111% The latest version of the Android strategy game with free download.

Are you ready to face the dice tower?
Master your team with super-powerful dice!
Integrate, upgrade and defend your battlefield against wave after wave of huge monsters!

Random Dice Description: PvP Defense

Random Dice is an exciting tower defense game where you set dice of various abilities and protect incoming enemies. Merging the same type of dice with the same number will raise the tower by one level. But remember! Tower types change randomly when merged!

It’s getting harder and harder for your opponents as it’s getting harder and harder to protect yourself from incoming enemies. Apply different strategies based on your opponent’s deck.

Mix different dice to create the best and most powerful PvP decks. Lords Mobile Mod Apk is wonderful game to play, you may want to try.

Random Dice: PvP Defense Unlimited Gems

An overwhelming deck at launch. Use a very powerful ATK deck to overwhelm your opponent before they can reach their full potential. Overcome early problems and increase your power against murder attacks!

Control the tower in the long run and let your opponent make mistakes.

In Alliance mode, work with other players to protect yourself from incoming waves of enemies. by playing Alliance Mode You can get new dice. Work together as much as possible and protect yourself from the incoming waves. Different strategies can be applied depending on you and your friendly deck.

Dedicated Boss Cover

To block the boss One player defends against incoming common units, and the other player stacks to complete a tower. The study cover is still damaged

One player builds a deck that cuts the path of the enemy, and the other player builds a deck with a tower that does a lot of damage.

Random Dice: PvP Defense Unlimited Money

# If the update does not download properly, please close the Google Play Store and rerun the update. [Add Dice Property]

The new season, the Shield Season, begins from 10/10 to 20:00 (GMT-7).

New features have been added to the Shield Dice.

Added a new arcade mode “Send Boss”.

Random Dice Mod Apk is an exciting tower defense game in which you build cube towers with different skills Therefore defend yourself against incoming enemies. In other words, If you combine a shape with the same number, you get a dice tower one level higher. But remember! The tower-type changes randomly when they are combined!

Random Dice PvP Defense Mod Apk Unlimited Gems

Random Dice PvP Defense Mod Apk Unlimited Gems

The more you control the incoming enemies, the more difficult it becomes for the enemy. Use different strategies based on your opponent’s deck.

Mix and match different cubes to create a better and stronger PvP deck. mod dice random apk Everything is unlimited.

Random Dice: PvP Defense Mod Menu

Crushing the initial level

Use a very strong attack level and get rid of your opponent before he reinforces.

Surface Construction

Overcome the first difficulties and strengthen your army for this deadly attack!


Manage your towers over long distances and force your opponent to make mistakes.

Random Dice: PvP Defense

At first, In Alliance mode, you work together with another player to fend off a wave of incoming enemies. secondly  You can get new dice by playing in Alliance mode. Thirdly Work together and fend off incoming waves as much as possible. For instance, You can use different strategies depending on your organization and allies.

Unique Boss Deck

One player confronts units with public access while the other player builds towers that can block the boss.

آسیب Slow damage level

One player sets a deck that cuts through the enemy while the other player sets a deck with towers that do a lot of damage. 1 Update new “Crew” function

  1. New dice: moon dice and mighty dice
  2. Recycled Cubes: Laser Cubes
  3. Co-op splash art

I appreciate all of the comments on it, I’ve listened to people add more interesting features and roll the dice and scatter them all over the place. Although it freezes on the download screen at times, I have to close the app. I can live with it every now and then, but when you think of something out of the ordinary, you have to reconsider your position. Free download of the random dice list.

Play Your Hearts Out

It is very exciting to see that you are completely satisfied with the random dice! We are very excited to improve the quality of our game by connecting with our players! With constant updates and improvements, we will make you happier with our game. I wish you all the best, thank you.

This game has an acceptable level of advertising that is much less than most games, and everything you have seen over time can be matched. When I have complaints, there aren’t enough missions and the tribal system is a bit cluttered. However, it is fun when you enter the game. Every race is short.

The game is great and has a lot of basic concepts. I hate that a lot of people try to imitate this game and get away with it. What makes it worse is that they purposely make the game so difficult that you will go crazy and spend money. I don’t see Offline as a payout to win the game.


Real-time PVP battles with global matching
P If PVE is your job, team up with Boss Raid
سطح If the leveling is better, please activate the single-mode
If you prefer the TFT style, join the Crew Battles crew
Challenges Various challenges including mirror mode
Seasonal ranking events and gold awards
Roll the dice at this 1v1 & Co-op party from the makers of BB TAN

Practice Is Important

I enjoy this game because it always tells interesting stories. In this section, I’ll explain the reasons why practice is important in mastering skills. First, the only way to really learn a skill is to do it in the real world. Second, I think exercising can be a fun way to spend hours.

However, there are people who disagree. Third, and most importantly, it is said that people only remember 10-20% of what they read or hear. When you put this theory into practice, that number increases to 90. In short, following the description with practice is key to mastering the skill. Above all, it keeps you mentally healthy because it keeps you happy.

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