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Version 15.3.05
Updated November 7, 2022 (5 months ago)
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Prey Day: Survival Mod Apk

Prey Day: Survival 15.3.05 Mod Apk Immortality, God Mode, Unlimited Money 2022 Latest Version Free Download For Android. Update Action Games Prey Day: Survival Apk 2022 From Our Exclusive Server.

In the year 2033, the world will see the emergence of an unknown disease that has killed most people.
Prey Day is a top-down online multiplayer survival game set in a big city in the world after the zombie apocalypse. An unknown disease has devastated much of the population, leaving only a handful of people on earth.

Most of the inhabitants have become zombies or mutations due to the impact of the virus. Obviously, the survivors are stepping up their shelters from the zombie hordes and setting out to find the cause of the plague that has brought the world to a state of survival.

Prey Day Survival Mod Apk Immortality

Prey Day Survival Mod Apk Immortality

About Prey Day

Zombies are the most fictional movie villain seen in Hollywood movies and European stories such as The Walking Dead or World War Z. This theme has been liked by most to help gamers deal with this disaster.

Prey Day: Survival Mod Apk Immortality

Prey Day: Survive is an MMORPG (Multiplayer Online Role-playing Game) from Pragmatix. The game is the best combination of survival, strategy game, shooting game, action, and interaction with other players, where you have to put all your efforts to be alive. Do you live or will you become a zombie? What did you choose to play this game?

Play Survival Games For A Day

By 2033, there will be a global pandemic that will kill half of the world’s population. The deadly plague is spreading rapidly. There is no cure for this disease in humans. Those infected will die, but the truth is not dead, will become immortal zombies, spread disease, and continue to seek healthy owners to eat.

The world is very chaotic and hopeless. Zombies and the like will try to kill you all the time. It’s time to join the attack and find weapons to join the zombie fight. Remember: don’t be impatient and don’t trust anyone! You May Also Like another action game Tacticool Mod Apk.

Fight For Survival

In Prey Day: Survival 15.3.05 Mod Apk, the main role of the player is to find a way to survive. Hunger and thirst are also important issues that shouldn’t be ignored, and you need to balance the food and water you need. The city has plenty of food, water, and other necessities. To survive, you must find them before everyone else. The game allows you to turn it into a weapon or travel key through several programs. You can also build a solid foundation to protect yourself from outside dangers.

Take Days Alive Friends

Sure! You cannot be alone forever in this life. Join an army or group for the chance to survive zombies everywhere. They own homes, towns, hotels, supermarkets, highways, so there is no safe place. The more people you have, the stronger you will be and the more zombies you can fight.

Prey Day: Survival Mod Apk God Mode

You can chat with other players and trade items. But be careful. Not all players have good goals. Some players may fight you to steal the weapons you own.

Prey Day: Survival also provides education, giving your character additional skills. Training in weapon handling is important, especially in the last world.

Explore New Lands

Prey Day: Survival Mod Apk Unlimited Money is an open game where you can move around the city. Easily find grocery stores, hospitals, schools, and convenience stores. The game world was destroyed after the destruction of the zombies, so events like dark, sorry and bloody. But good photos reduced the risk.

The body can be seen all over town. The top-to-bottom view angle helps you look around while avoiding zombie attacks. Sound is the key in a very dangerous game. It makes the game very good and there are many events that surprise players when zombies suddenly appear in the dark.

Day Of Prey Survival Graphics

You can get to where you want to go faster by using a car such as a car or a motorcycle. However, you have to be careful because the zombies are happy with the noise. You won’t want to be chased by hundreds of zombies. I promise!

What’s new in Prey Day?

Additional features:

prey day apk latest version

The group’s maximum capacity is now increased. Players can now run tests with a total of 20 different members at a time. You can also get loot for further hiding by using the tools in certain locations. So listen close and be very careful.

Prey Day: Survival Mod Apk Unlimited Money

For starters, the cross now has a poison bolt that can wreak havoc!

The SPAS-12 rifle is also added to the arsenal. It is accompanied by some novelties to appreciate. Have conditions like Burn and Poison now show special benefit signs. Product replacement:

Change Weapons And Equipment

In the past, tooltips straddled their fingers. This has been fixed and is no longer in the game. You can now delete the items. This is done by drag and drop. Just choose an item, drag it to the trash and drop it immediately!

And, when multiple items are split in the box, you can select the items you want. In the past, you had to get everything at the same time. No more

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