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Version 2.57
Updated December 23, 2022 (3 months ago)
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King of Thieves Mod Apk

King of Thieves 2.57 Mod Apk Mod Menu 2022 Latest Version Free Download For Android. Update Games Apk King of Thieves 2022 From Our Exclusive Server.

With an adorable animation style and new shadings like its archetype. Cut The Rope, King of Thieves likewise accomplishes decent accomplishments because of the exceptional ongoing interaction. A blend of running and bouncing games. It is additionally a showdown between players.

King of Thieves Mod Apk Mod Menu

King of Thieves Mod Apk Mod Menu

The player’s central goal in King of Thieves is to figure out how to break into. and also take gold and silver from in excess of 80 prisons across the realm or companions. If you have played the game type that causes disunity like Pirates King, you presumably comprehend the extraordinary delight of taking gold and silver from your companions or the other way around.

King of Thieves Mod Apk Mod Menu

To praise 10 million downloads, distributer ZeptoLab delivered a monstrous new update for King of Thieves. With this new update, players can partake in group fights (Guild Battle). Two groups with comparable qualities will rival each other to see which group requires some investment and secures more jewels, and gold coins will win.

General Information

King of Thieves is probably the most recent round of ZeptoLab, the author of the Cut The Rope game series, in view of the incredible achievement of the exquisite beast Om Nom. Lord of Thieves gets many praises from the gaming local area.

The game keeps the customary style agreeable to play, simple to get to, however, the trouble increments through the levels. Ruler of criminals brings the player into a minuscule hoodlum who has the assignment of taking gold and pearls from different players to bring back from your prison.

Here, players can consolidate jewels to acquire a more important fortune just as needed to configure trap areas to keep the loot from different players. ZeptoLab has worked effectively consolidating relaxed and multiplayer classes into King of Thieves to contend with companions and different players.

King of Thieves Mod Apk

The ongoing interaction of King of Thieves is additionally clear and habit-forming. The game will incorporate many degrees of ongoing interaction compared to totally various prisons. The player controls a minuscule criminal defeating impediments coming and arriving at the objective securely.

Impediments will shift from traps, guillotines, guns to goliath beasts prepared to gobble up the little cheat. Along these lines, players consistently need to control their characters to run, fly, hop, and adhere to the divider keeps on having the option to defeat troublesome difficulties. Nonetheless, after each round, the prizes will somewhat reimburse the work worth the work, which is the fortunes brimming with gold and important jewels.

You should beat these entanglements by running and hopping like other stage games. Then again, you will likewise need to shield your fortune from different hoodlums.

King of Thieves Mod Menue

The game will give low to significant level snares for you to unreservedly organize, however, there is additionally a cutoff so you can’t cover the whole room with traps. With exceptional interactivity, high network, and charming illustrations, King of Thieves is viewed as a delicate yet similarly alluring breeze for versatile game fans during extended vacations.

The storyline of Thieves World

The plot of King of Thieves 2.57 Mod Apk is direct, you will play as a criminal with the errand of making the fortune of different hoodlums and arriving at the title of a well-known “super cheat.” The plot is neither old nor new, clearly not the feature of the ZeptoLab games.

In this way, the players held up in the blended ongoing interaction that was publicized by the organization previously. Furthermore, for sure, it didn’t frustrate them. Lord of Thieves has a shrewd mix between goalkeeper (tower safeguard) and flying (stage).

King of Thieves Mod Apk Mod Menu

In the part of pinnacle protection, the game is very like Clash of Clans when the player needs to fabricate his nest against the adversary’s assault solidly.

Each time you take the fortune, in light of the level of death pretty much, you will be appraised from 1 to 3 stars with the comparing reward sum. For staying away from the player laying out snares in too interesting positions, the game powers you to conquer the traps twice before you can place them into activity. Subsequently, there will be no traps from you and different players in King of Thieves.

Uncommon Features

King of Thieves is worked with an interesting storyline when all players partaking in the game world are criminals. Believe it or not! You should break into the homes of your neighbors and take your abundance to get rich.

You will assume the part of a cheat with many stunts and exceptional abilities. Your central goal is to break into the fortune stowed away from different players and take significant things. Obviously, different players won’t effectively allow you to take their things, they will forestall you by orchestrating traps.

Working System

As presented, King of Thieves has a one-contact control instrument that couldn’t be more straightforward. Likewise, your person will naturally move, each touches the screen once for your person to bounce high.

The impediments will be the moving pinions, gatekeepers to obstruct your direction to the neighbor’s fortune. Players need to control precisely, just once committing an error is sufficient for the person to lose his life.


In addition, players can likewise go to the dynamic framework with around 80 degrees of interactivity hanging tight for you to investigate.


With a useful getaway arrangement of in excess of 80 unique levels for players to investigate, each level will be locked with numerous locks and possibly open when the player initiates the right focal lock. Alongside that are the illustrations in the game plan with an unconventional style.

Pictures are shown toward bright, attractive activities that are good-looking. The game sound additionally gives players a great environment with quick and alluring ambient sound.

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