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King of Thieves Mob Apk


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Version 2.56.1
Updated November 5, 2022 (5 months ago)
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King of Thieves Mob Apk

King of Thieves 2.56.1 Mob Apk Unlimited Gems and Money Latest Version Free Download For Android. Update Strategy Games King of Thieves Apk From Our Exclusive Server.

With the same cute cartoon style and new colors as its predecessor, Cut the Rope, King of Thieves also scores highly with its unique combination of gameplay, racing, and active play. It is also a battle between players.

In King of Thieves 2.56.1 Mob Apk, the worker’s job is to find a way to steal gold and silver by breaking into over 80 kingdoms or friend dungeons. Anyone who has played a controversial game like Pirate King will understand the thrill of stealing gold and cash from friends and repeating it.

To celebrate 10 million downloads, ZeptoLab has announced a major update to King of Thieves. With this update, players can participate in Guild Battles. Two teams with similar attitudes compete to see which team gets more gems and less time to earn gold medals.

King of Thieves Mob Apk Unlimited Gems

King of Thieves Mob Apk Unlimited Gems

General pieces of information

King of Thieves Mob Apk Unlimited Money is a new game from ZeptoLab, the creator of the Cut Rope game series, thanks to the huge success of the cute monster Om Nom. King of Thieves has received a lot of praise from players in the community.

The game maintains that the rules always make play and access easy, but the difficulty takes it to the next level. The King of Thieves takes petty thieves on a mission to fix a dungeon by stealing gold and diamonds from other players.

Here, players need to build an arsenal to not only mix stones to get more treasures, but also to prevent other players from stealing them. ZeptoLab does a great job of combining and multiplayer games for King of Thieves, competing with friends and other players. World of Tanks Blitz Mod Apk is a wonderful game you may want to try.

King of Thieves Mob Apk Unlimited Gems

Game of King of Thieves Mob Apk is also simple and convenient. The game includes several levels of gameplay which correspond to completely different levels. Players control a little thief who overcomes obstacles on the way and arrives safely at his home.

The game has trapped from lowest to highest that you can place for free, but there is also a limitation that the traps cannot cover the whole room. With its unique gameplay, high fidelity, and cute graphics, King of Thieves is considered the unmatched soundtrack by any weekend mobile gaming fan.

The synopsis of Thieves World

Each time the treasure is stolen, it is valued at a similar income, or 1-3 stars, depending on death. In order to prevent the player from placing the traps in an awkward position, the game requires them to overcome two traps before they work. So there will be no tools for you and other players in King of Thieves.

Special features

King of Thieves Mob Apk Unlimited Money has created special stories that every player in the game world is a thief. very good! To get rich, you have to break into your neighbor’s house and steal your fortune. But don’t forget to protect your belongings and thwart the traps they set for themselves to achieve their diabolical goal.

You will play the role of a thief with a variety of tricks and special skills. Your task is to steal the treasure by breaking into other players’ hidden treasure. Of course, other players will not easily take your items and place traps to stop you.

Operating system

As mentioned, King of Thieves has a touch control system that couldn’t be simpler. As a result, the character moves, and with a simple tap on the screen, the man jumps high.

Obstacles will move the cogs, blocking your way to your neighbor’s treasure. Players must work properly. One mistake can bring your behavior to life.


Moreover, players can have fun with around 80 levels of gameplay. Each game screen is closed with several locks and only opens when the player’s opening system is closed.


Graphically, King of Thieves has the same handsome face as its brothers. The game graphics have been released in the video tutorials, which are visual and easy to see. Plus, the game sounds fast and engages with background music to keep players entertained.

Other important things

Some key features and new features have been updated in the latest version of the game.

Unique platform game with online multiplayer mode.
Build your own dungeon to protect your treasure.
Upgrade tools and design clothes for your characters.
Use add-ons to destroy your opponent’s defenses. Compete against other players in various tournaments to achieve the best results.

King of Thieves Mob Apk Unlimited Money

A small update fixes some bugs and improves game security.
Guild Scavenger: Guild members can help each other steal treasures.
Join Guild Battles: Unite with other members to advance your guild to glory.
With over 80 different levels of escape function for player exploration, each level is locked with multiple locks and only opens when the player opens the lock in the middle. Along with this, the graphics of the game are created in a quirky style.

All measurement profit in King of Thieves Mob Apk

Speaking of platforming, King of Thieves Mob Apk Unlimited Gems has adventure themes that make players think of a game like N+ or Super Meat Boy, turning him into a very clever thief. Just control and move your flight attitude and it will change direction. The screen game is very tight with tangled traps. So every time you complete the move, you will be very happy. After an itchy jump, you can upgrade your device or upgrade your base to save more money.

The negative King of Thieves Mob Apk

In addition to the advantages mentioned above, one of the things that King of Thieves puts players off the most is that the picklock system has a huge impact. In fact, the game has only 11 keys. To play a level you must choose between 3 and 4 locks to activate the system in the middle, there are several special levels with high numbers. It quietly turns the game into a different game and doesn’t reveal the super thief’s lock picking abilities.

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