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Honkai Impact 3 Mod Apk


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Version 6.4.0
Updated February 16, 2023 (1 month ago)
ID com.miHoYo.bh3global
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Honkai Impact 3 Mod Apk

Honkai Impact 3rd 6.4.0 Mod Apk Unlimited Crystals 2023, Open All Characters Latest Version Free Download For Android. Update Games Apk Honkai Impact 3rd 2023 From Our Exclusive Server.

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The Hyperion command is ready. Connection request … Verification.
Remember each room! Lock the security lock! Take out the engines that offer the highest horsepower demands. Enter the countdown: 10, 9, 8 … “Deck captain.”
Welcome to Hyperion, captain! From today you are our leader!
Join us and fight for all that is beautiful in the world!

About the Gane

The young lady from a different universe who went through the Sea of Quanta appears to have lost her memory in transit here. Be that as it may, as an endure many officer fights, her blasting soul won’t reduce in this world.

Asuka Shikinami Langley, the Valkyrie restrictive to the collab, participates in SP battlesuit [Blazing Hope]!

During the collab period, sign in to guarantee 10x collab gear Supply drops. Honkai Impact 3 Mod Unlock All Characters.

Collab Main Event | New Century

The young lady from a different universe ends up in Nagazora, a city covered in the shadow known as “Heavenly messenger”…

[New Century], the headliner of the collab, will be playable soon! Participate in the occasion to open the collab-elite battlesuit [Blazing Hope] for nothing! More collab rewards including outfit [Auburn Sync PS] and shame [Misato] are standing by to be guaranteed!

Honkai Impact 3rd Mod Apk Open All Characters 2022

[Story Chapter XXII | Me and Myself]

Dread, fury, despair… What will their decisions be once the fact of the matter is presently not confidential?

Story Chapter XXII is just around the corner! Investigate the part to procure occasion disgrace set choices and Crystals!

[Additions to the Hyperion Arsenal]

Release remarkable forces! PRI-ARM [Path to Acheron: Kindred] and collab-select weapon [Lance of Longinus] have joined the Arsenals!

The arms from a different universe are the way to disposing of “Heavenly messengers”. Collab-select disgrace set [Children] has joined the weapons store!

Kinds of Subscription

[Adventure Commander] ($3.99 for 30 days)/($9.99 for 90 days)/($17.99 for 180 days) gives the accompanying day by day awards during membership:

Endurance Potion x2, 200 Asterite, 1000 Mithril, half Captain EXP Chip x1

Honkai Impact 3rd 6.4.0 Mod Apk

[Valkyrie Guild] ($9.99 for 30 days)/($25.99 for 90 days)/($47.99 for 180 days) gives the accompanying prizes day by day during membership:

Valkyrie Fragvyom x1 (Gives one of the accompanying decisions: Night Squire Fragment x1, Stalker: Phantom Iron Fragment x1, Yamabuki Armor Fragment x1, Valkyrie Pledge Fragment x1.)

Valkyrie Lucky Chest x1 (Gives irregular battlesuit section x1 and ADV EXP Chip x1. Has a slim likelihood of giving S-rank battlesuit piece!)

Honkai Impact 3rd Mod Apk Unlimited Crystals 2023

Membership rewards are given by in-game mail upon your first login day by day. On the off chance that you have not accepted your membership rewards, kindly reestablish your memberships or sign in once more. Honkai Impact 3rd Mod Apk Unlimited Crystals 2023.

About Auto-restoration

Memberships on Google Play restore consequently except if you withdraw physically. If it’s not too much trouble, note that uninstalling the game doesn’t drop auto-reestablishment. Your record will be charged for recharging within 24 hours before a membership period closes. On the off chance that you wish to drop your memberships, you should wind down auto-recharging something like 24 hours before a membership period closes. Inability to do as such would bring about your record being auto-charged for recharging. Honkai Impact 3rd most recent adaptation apk download.

Client Agreement


Security Policy


Dropping Subscription

Utilize an Android gadget to sign in to Google Play with the right record, tap the “Membership” in “Menu” to discover the membership you might want to drop (for example Honkai Impact third), and pick “Drop Subscription”.

Honkai Impact third x Neon Genesis Evangelion] collab ON! Login rewards 10x drop!

Open SP Valkyrie Asuka for nothing by participating in the collab!

Battlesuit- Blazing Hope: SP Collab Valkyrie Asuka Debuts

Event- New Century: Rewards Collab Outfit [Auburn Sync PS]

Story- Me and Myself: Story Chapter XXII Coming Soon

Equipment- Path to Acheron: Kindred, Lance of Longinus, Children Set

Download Honkai Impact 3rd Mod Apk Unlimited Crystals

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