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Version 1.3.5
Updated November 3, 2022 (5 months ago)
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Attack the Light Mod Apk

Attack the Light Mod Apk 1.3.5 Unlimited Stars and Money Play the game equals the order of Mario’s paper. Includes an anti-rotation system in the group in a dual environment enhanced by crystal jewelry and participation in the fight against war.

Attack the Light Mod Apk

Attack the Light Mod Apk

Your actions are related to the game with Stardometry used to reduce the number of actions in one turn.

Each step is running in a complex fighting system for Mario’s paper. When you defend or attack, you will allow you to increase attacks by increasing heroes and pay. Special gestures have different ways to provide damage, including quick clicks or dragging your finger on the screen.

Each GEM includes a unique fight pattern with the help of television show movements or unique attacks.

Amethyst used weak attacks, can damage all parties, cut off the attack, or even obtained them from the battle. Stephen is a support unit used to help the rest of the party, including the recovery of lost coordination, allow patient diseases to help them prevent strong attacks when strengthening the situation, and carry out bubbles. Each GEM has a “harmony” level that serves your HP. however, if you like role-playing games here is one suggestion for you.

Unlimited Star

If the nature of all “coordination” is lost, they fight their jewel for the rest, unless Stephen reduced “reduced” or “bottle of rose tears” that can be returned for all improved coordination, And after the entirely tired jewelry are not tired in the battle, they do not have an XP system of battle and lose more than half their horse when returned to the otherworld.

If the character of XP improves and improve additional statistics, a high-level system is used. Drawing levels currently use 30 for gemstones, which starts at 9001, and 22 for Stephen from 1.0.2 updates. This game is difficult and has problems, one is natural and the other is “diamond mode”.

This is the second more challenging enemy and hides stars as indicators of attack and defense as shown on January 6, 2016. [2] Light Piece Prisim.png. After the crystalline crystal jewelry goes away at the beach house.

Stephen asks what it is, what pearl explains that annoying has an old essence when in the hands of a strong jewel, can lead to a completely light army.

As Stephen Citizenship, the light begins to read white. Steven Pearl says again because they fight animals. Since Agate is hit the first time, white light occurred in home light and affected 7 colorful lights around the world. Precious stones and Stephen should work together and save light in the publication and save the world. Pliteboss.png.

first travel

Stephen and precious crystals traveled for the first time to restore Indigo light that escaped in the Nile Cave. The small creatures of precious stones, taken by the shape of the residential creatures of the cave, such as scorpions and bats before the last battle with the head of the region, the eighth Nile Scorpio.

The second light ensures that they are looking for gemstones in the battlefield park. Put samples at errors and plants, while fighting precious crystalline rocks.

They encounter them against the head of the theater, giant green planting, with light structures made in the form of three crystal rocks. groenlightl.png. Search for the fourth light of the group to the wilderness and war brings with orange light creatures who bring dragonflies, turtles, and snakes.

The final battle is covered between jewelry and orange turtles with giant crystals. After hitting your boss, it’s a destructive stroke that leaves poor jewelry. However, Stevens, which encourages triple milk to turn into Alexandr and eventually defeat the coach.

ORANGELIGHTBOSS.PNG. BlueLightl.png. The fifth light leads to the seawater spray. Blue Blue and the sea flowers, sea creatures fall into the flights in the canal ruins. During this work, the yellow light is faced, he is irresistible, he tries to communicate with Stephen before arrest.

The final fight

The final fight occurs between crystalline rocks and bright blue light. Red light.png light remaining red light, leading to deep groups of ruins of gemstones. They ship through red light creatures in the form of the creatures already found.

Collect the last monster of light, similar to three red prisoners. Before starting the fight, the release is taken by the red light. The general swimming pool is scary between each light in white light. Using the capacity of all former presidents, precious rocks are crystalline with intense blocks with samples.

However, while he undermines his boss, he tries to communicate with Stephen. It is ultimately weak and beat about, Stephen completes the full inventory of light and understands his condition. Stephen Bidding, who survived the publication of publications, but fought for him. Unfortunately, its sacks were only with light monsters, so I thought Stephen, they tested.

This creature depends on a little white from Stephen, because I think he does not test Stevens, but Stephen suggests the offer. The creature asks what Steven wants, who tells Steven that everything wants you. Light changes to dozens of Stephen structures before fade. Crystal gemstones return home, follow their mission.

Attack the Light Mod Apk 1.3.5 Unlimited Money

Diamond location Location Optional difficulty at the beginning of the game. Recommended for advanced players.

This game makes the game more difficult to increase the enemy’s health, so that more likely than the emergence of large samples and replacing the claims of the star for blocks and antibodies.

Stephen can buy or find items in boxes that help rocks. Some of these elements are:

Fruit star – adds three points.

Super Star Fruit – Add Star Star Score.

White star fruit – the next step does not use stars..

Cat Cookie – Multi-Coordination Recovery (10 Alarm)

Mint Cook Cook – Recovery Many Coordination (50 Coordination).

Feelgood Tea – Eliminate price effects.

Sweat tea – remove the effect of the whole difference.

A role-playing game with Unlimited star

TEA Safety Dress – Subsidies 5 turns against all securities.

Fire salt – attacks and blocks burning enemies for 5 turns.

Sandwich bread – perverted enemy.

Safety helmet bike – Increases defense gems.

Roses tears – gives jewelry revival and some coordination.

Breakfast together – fully repair the coordination difference (not applicable to deficient gemstone).

Lucky Crohn – Opportunity 2X for a lucky strike for five turns.

Beary Band – Increases Jewel Stone Attack for Five Turns

Cookie Cusses – Gives Coordination in the following three courses

Rose Bottle – Jewelry Reduced Complete Coordination

Long level of magic level in Attack the Light Mod Apk

Gems – some doors can be opened, but need to be painted. Badges

Jewelry can be due to badges effects of different situations or enemies. There are a total of 35 badges in the game. Everything Suffe.

Many items are available in view as supported items in this game, including a cheeseburger backpack, breakfast together, cookie cookies, birthday cakes, bike hats, and so on.

alexandrite will appear in this game, but they do not show their various weapons. Instead, the opponent fell several times that was related to serious injury. In this game, the use of deformation variation makes it different from it on the screen.

At the beginning of every big fight, the relaxed pearl is a monster “by the Quartz Rose”, a signal to the broad introduction of the SDCC. According to Ian Jones-Quarter, Alexandria was a precise dance classification, but because of the time limit.

Attack the Light Mod Apk

Attack the Light Mod Apk

Choose a list of Attack the Light Mod Apk

Choose a list in the world and start the stars of the star wrong and put the left side of the dress instead of the right. When poofed, Agat immediately returns to Ruby and sapphire jewelry. But this is not uncommon, as I did in the “back” when he was hit by Jaspers Gem Street …

In principle, the garnet fell into his red gemstone (before he appeared as a service in “broken prison). This update has changed to 1.0.2. Coded provided stones are provided as magenta garnets instead of red. In the global menu, click Super Steven to make a small sound.

All samples (as well as presidents) are on red levels. Red samples are harder to beat different colored colors. Poison fire from green specimens instead. During the production of games, AGATE and ALEXANDRIA were not actors in registration lines, so each of their lecture lines is used again.

Attack the Light Mod Apk 1.3.5 is a new game and the age limit is above 9 years. that’s mean anyone above 9 years old can play this game. isn’t it wonderful?

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